13/11/22 NEWS

The last days were very busy. We`ve bought some anti-flu drugs for the fighters of the Special forces unit. We have bought new tires for another unit. The official request will be on the site as soon as possible. We did not buy this auto for the Air Assault Force, but we helped to organize

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08/12 accounts report

From 07/19 to 08/12 two withdrawals were from the main charity foundation account. 84 000 UAH for national mental health research in collaboration with Mindy Foundation. We’ll tell more about this research and its benefits for Ukrainian warriors after the Mindy’s press release. 13 712 UAH – rest of the costs for the drone for

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07/19 accounts report

From 06/11 to 07/19 two withdrawals were made from the main charity foundation account 500 000 UAH to buy armored vehiclesYuriy Biryukov’s post 44 429.38 UAH (1200 EUR) as a partial payment for Mavic 3 drone for the Air Assault Forces(work in progress, photos ASAP) 8000 UAH was withdrawn from the separate Wolf. No Fear

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06/19 reports

Bought network hardware for the recon unit. Thanks to Mr. Anton Kotenko and the best Ukrainian game studio for the funds. Also thanks to the Sl8 community for the insulating tape. Everything is on its way to the frontline, we’re waiting for photos.Financial report can be seen at the open bank statement (date 06/09tax code 44880818,

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06/11 accounts report

From 06/01 to 06/11 there were four withdrawals from the UAH account of CO CF UAF COINYou may see all the donations and expenses at the bank’s site, using tax code 44880818 1. Paid for the parcel delivery via Nova Poshta 2. Accidentally transferred money to ourselves. 1 payment above is the right transfer (from a private

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