05/06 Report

On the 2nd of May $4000 was withdrawn from storage walletTransaction link We bought one night vision HikMicro Lynx device (cash) and 100 tourniquets for 72nd Brigade (Anton Kolumbet’s post) via UA First Aid for 72 000 UAH.

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04/30 report

On 04/39 $1600 was withdrawn from the storage walletTransaction link The money was converted to UAH. 50 000 were sent to Viktor Bernatskyi, who raises funds for radios for Andriy “Riffmaster” Antonenko (SOF).Fundraising postConfirmation post 10 000 UAH left after multiple currency exchanges were transferred to the Right Sector and TD unit “Khort” (“Hound”)Fundraising post

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04/26/22 report

At 16:00 Kyiv time 04/26/22 UAF storage wallet contains$ 15 863.24 To buy a vehicle for the Army, $ 3000 were withdrawn on 04/20Transaction link The money were transferred to PrivatBank card and sent to the seller. The car arrived to the unit on May 11th On 04/26 $1267 were withdrawnTransaction link 14 735 UAH

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