What is UAFcoin?

UAFcoin is a Ukrainian cryptocurrency created to support the Ukrainian Army Forces. All the income will be transferred to the current UAF’s needs and bringing us closer to the Victory.

Anyone can buy these tokens. There is a limited quantity of UAFcoins, new ones can’t be “made”. So, gradually, the tokens will increase in price and, possibly, will bring their owners as much fame and fortune, as Bitcoin before.

All the data about the income and transfers is available in the decentralized network Stellar. You may look how many coins were sold, how much money was gathered and all the transfer to the UAF’s accounts.

In May 2022 UAF Coin became an official Charity Foundation. If you don’t want to buy UAF, you may donate us directly.

How it works?

If it’s your first experience with cryptocurrency, the first purchase may take some time. You’ll need to install a wallet application and register at crypto exchange. To make it easier we prepared an explicit guide: how to install a crypto wallet, how to log in to the exchange and how to swap the “trading” XLM coin to UAF.

I’m new to cryptocurrency

Token emission

10b UAF was issued at Stellar DLT. Issuing account locked (additional emission is impossible). When you buy UAF, there are no whitelists / locks / rounds. Sell any time.

Crawling Coin Offering

Liquidity pool of 1b UAF and 100000 USDC is made. 375,000 UAF per hour being swapped automatically to USDC, from the remaining 9 billions. So overall supply to the market time would be 1000 days.


USDC are accumulated at the distributor account and used for Ukrainian Army Forces current needs.

For the experienced crypto users: UAF is issued in the Stellar network, you may swap it in any Stellar wallet.

Emission wallet
Storage wallet
Distribution wallet
Liquidity pool management wallet

Something interesting 😉

We thank you for your interest in UAFcoin! We prepared something unusual for you. We create comics, inspired by the stories of our freedom fight. Some of them are taken from the Internet, some are told us directly by military, volunteers and survivors. These comics are the chronicles of our path to victory: funny, terrifying, amazing. But always sincere.

Since June 1st we also help raising funds for the “Wolf. No Fear” documentary about Special Operation Forces. Learn more about and join the croudfunding, the film is worth it!

News and reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be simpler?

Unfortunately, it’s the simplest way of crypto purchase. But believe us, cryptocurrency is the future, so you might need this experience very soon!

If you have any troubles, feel free to contact us via [email protected]

If you don’t have time or inspiration to purchase cryptocurrency, you may donate to us directly via the Charity Foundation UAF Coin account

Is UAFcoin money? Can I buy something real?

UAFcoins are rather like collectible stamts that become more expensive with time. Now UAFcoin can be only exchanged for the other coins or sold on the exchange. But who knows what it will be later? One of the first Bitcoin owners bought pizza with it 🙂

 Don’t sell your UAFcoins too early!

How can I be sure it isn’t a scam?

All the UAFcoin operations can be openly seen online in Stellar network. You can’t see who exactly bought what (just anonymous wallet numbers), but you can see how many UAFs were sold. All the income will also be available online in the Stellar network.

We’ll also publish all the reports about sending money to UAF.

I have other question or suggestion

We’re glad to hear that! Please contact us via [email protected] or any social network.

Thanks for your interest!

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