As a first step you need to create a crypto wallet in the Stellar network (this network is one where UAFcoin is issued). To create and access the wallet you might use either an application for your smartphone or a web client if you prefer using a PC.

We recommend Keybase, SolarWallet, or Lobstr mobile phone apps (all of them are available for both iOS and Android) or Coinbase as the PC mobile client.

Just pick up the one you like and register there.

In the video below there is an example of how to use Lobstr to work with the crypto wallet:

If you did everything right, you’ll get the number of your crypto wallet. It looks like the set of letters and numbers, something like this:


Then you need to add two currencies – XLM and UAF. XLM is the native token for the Stellar network (more details below). UAF is UAF Coin, the coin to support the Ukrainian Army. Currencies are to be added to the application through the Assets tab.

IMPORTANT: use the “Search by Domain” functionality to purchase the genuine UAF coins only. Please use the following domain name:

The next step is purchasing XLM coins on the crypto exchange. Why XLM, and not UAF directly? The reason is that (as it was mentioned above) XLM is a native coin for the Stellar network. It means it is ubiquitous and can be easily purchased on almost any crypto exchange. XLMs on your account can be then exchanged to any coin that exists in Stellar, including UAF, of course. 

We suggest using Kuna, an exchange with simple registration, however, you can use different exchanges available in your country. Just verify XLMs can be purchased there. 

Once you’ve purchased an amount you plan to exchange to UAF, please send them to the crypto wallet you’ve created in the previous step. Yes, to the set of letters and numbers mentioned above.

Here is two video examples of how to do this via Kuna and Binance exchanges:

When the coins appear in your wallet – just exchange them to UAF using the application you’ve used to create the crypto wallet. For Lobstr you can do this through the “Swap Assets” menu item. Yet another video about how to do it in Lobstr or in Sl8 social network wallet:

Congrats! Now you have the UAFCoin. Thanks for supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces!

Slava Ukraini! Heroyam slava! (Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!)

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