There are four links to the wallets at the main page. Why four? Which one to check? How are they connected at all? That’s what we talk about today.

The first wallet is an emission wallet. It emitted 10 b UAFs and was closed forever. It guarantees that no more UAFs will be printed. You may check it and see that it’s really closed 🙂

The second wallet is the most important. It is a storage wallet. All the funds raised from selling UAF are here. We report about the sums in this wallet and use this money for the current Ukrainian Armed Forces’ needs. The funds are stored in USDC – stable coins. 1 USDC will always be equal to 1 US dollar.

The third wallet contains all the UAFs that are not sold yet. Every hour 375 000 UAF are swapped to USDC and transferred to the storage wallet. The more UAF you buy, the better the exchange rate is!

The fourth wallet is the most interesting. It is a liquidity pool management wallet. It contains 1 b UAFs and a substantial amount of US dollars. This wallet stabilizes the exchange rate in case of someone buying or selling a huge sum of UAFs. Such stabilization makes the currency more interesting for crypto traders.

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